Afternoon at the Ecoparque

Boquete, Sightseeing

Yesterday, the social group I belong to went on a “happy hour” excursion to a fairly new attraction in Boquete, the Ecoparque Cerro la Cruz (which loosely translates to “ecopark at the hill of the cross”). It is located high on a hill overlooking the north end of downtown, and features a large cross that is brightly lit at night and can be seen even from the other end of town.

The cross at the Ecoparque, which can be seen all over Boquete.

The park itself is lovely – there are many trails to explore, and the overlooks from that elevated point are spectacular.

The view of Boquete, looking south from the overlook at the cross.

The park is beautifully landscaped throughout the property, with thoughtfully arranged terraces full of flowers and shrubs.

The name of the park is artfully spelled out in flowers near the entrance.

Beautiful landscaping alongside the Sendero de Paz (Peace Trail).

The Peace Trail leads to a second overlook featuring a statue of the Virgin Mary. The entire park is indeed very peaceful and inspiring in its beauty.

The park has a play area for children, and several whimsical sculptures scattered on throughout the grounds. There are also activities for children or adults to enjoy, including a large slide and swings.

Some of our group gliding on the swings, taking a moment to relax and appreciate the environment. Across the street is a coffee plantation.

The large “rainbow slide” called the Avalanche, where people slide down it in large tubes. Exhilerating! (I did not participate, but it sounds like fun!) Also note the large caterpillar made from old tires at the left, next to the playground equipment, and the group of armadillo sculptures on the far right.

Another fanciful group of sculptures – the pig family.

Another section of the park features REAL animals – including a duck pond and petting zoo. My guide, who kindly drove me around the park in an ATV since I couldn’t walk very far, told me that many children who live in Panama City had never seen farm animals, only dogs and cats. They are amazed to be able to see and touch these different animals.

The mini horse and mini mule. So cute!

Peacocks, both white and normal colors. They also have several varieties of beautiful chickens in the petting zoo.

The duck pond, with the petting zoo beyond.

But wait – there’s more! Aside from all the trails to explore, the activities to enjoy, and the beauty and peace of the environment, there is also a very nice little gift shop and a cafe with drinks and sandwiches, along with a covered lounge area and outdoor picnic tables to consume your refreshments.

Our group had smoothies and sandwiches, as well as sangrias. The verdict was… delicious!

Overall, this was a very pleasant afternoon outing for our group. Everyone had a great time walking the trails, going down the slide, relaxing in the swings, and chatting while enjoying their food and drink. The park is thoughtfully laid out and has a variety of things to do and see. The views were spectacular, and the employees were very accommodating and delightful. Good job, Ecoparque!

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  • Barb Apr 23, 2022 Link Reply

    Looks and sounds like a beautiful perfect park. Sorry you’re having trouble walking very far.

  • Lee Ann Kelley Apr 23, 2022 Link Reply


  • Warren R. Johnson Apr 23, 2022 Link Reply

    I had heard there was some kind of park up on the hill, but I didn’t know much about it. Thanks for sharing this.

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