At the Beach


Last Saturday, my new friend from OKC, Alex, invited me to go with her on a day trip to Boca Chica, a popular beach getaway about two hours from Boquete. This was organized by a tour company, and there were eight of us in the group.

After a two-hour drive in their comfy van, we arrived in the tiny town of Boca Chica, then took a 30-minute boat ride to one of the uninhabited islands near there.

That’s me, smack-dab in the middle, and that’s Alex to my right wearing the glasses.

The island is named Bolaños, and the beach was beautiful. It’s about seven miles off the mainland. There are lots of small islands off the coast, and the area is actually a national park.

Bolaños is circled on the map
As we approached the beach, everyone thought of Gilligan’s Island.

There were no “facilities” on this island at all – there are bushes and the ocean for your personal needs. The tour guide laid out a lovely lunch and strung up several hammocks for us to lounge on when we weren’t swimming or snorkeling.

Relaxing in the shade
Delicious lunch – sandwich fixings, veggies, fruit, and beverages.

I had never been snorkeling before, so I tried it for a bit. It was OK, but I was afraid I’d either get washed too far out or the waves would bash me against the rocks, so I ended up just swimming and floating around, enjoying the fresh air and ocean waves.

View from the hammock

I was diligent about applying and re-applying sunblock. As fair-skinned as I am, I didn’t get more than just a tiny bit pink, and that went away by the next day. However, I did bring home LOTS of sand, and immediately jumped in the shower when I got home to wash it off.

It was a fun trip, and a nice getaway to an area different from Boquete’s lovely mountains. I’m glad I went, but I’m not sure I’d go back to that particular beach town again. There’s a town on the Caribbean side of Panama that I really want to visit, though. Soon, perhaps….

In other news, Tim will be arriving in just a few days (Tuesday evening). He got his 20-foot container packed last week, and it should be on its ocean voyage to Panama right now. The container should arrive at our house the last week of April, if all goes well. Getting all of our things unpacked and arranged will be a totally different kind of adventure. Wish us luck!!!

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  • Don Terrell Apr 13, 2019 Link Reply

    Myra keep the info coming good to hear about your ventures.

    • Bill & Phyllis Eudy Apr 14, 2019 Link Reply

      Say hi to Tim for us. We will know more about our plans next week.

  • Janet Justus Apr 15, 2019 Link Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I love hearing from you and how it is going there.

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