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There’s a whole lot of talent here in Boquete, and the “Good Timey Music Revue” showcases the vocal talents of local residents. There are several music and variety shows during the year at the BCP (community theater), as well as a stage play perhaps once per year. This show was scheduled for four nights over two weekends, and there was a sell-out crowd every night.

This production featured 1960s music, and was a knockout hit with the audience, since most of us grew up in that era. It was well produced, taking us on a musical tour from the beginning to the end of the decade.

Music from the ’60s is my favorite!

Some of the performers were newcomers to Boquete – Scott (singing “Help!” in the video below), has only been in town for about 6 months. He performed several numbers, and did it well! The guitar player (Tim Connelly) singing “For What It’s Worth” also plays regularly in some local bands around town. And Frank, who performed Elvis and Jimi Hendrix numbers, absolutely embodied Joe Cocker in “With a Little Help from My Friends”.

Local talent entertaining the crowd!

All the performers (singers, dancers, and instrumentalists) did a great job, but in my opinion the break-out star of the show was another newcomer, Vanessa. She’s only been in Boquete about four months, but wowed the audience with her fabulous and soulful renditions in five (!) performances. Below is a taste of her versatility.

Vanessa was a crowd pleaser! And Seth, the young man with the moves, was a favorite also.

UPDATE 3/1/20: A video was posted of the ENTIRE show. Here’s the link, for those who just can’t get enough of this decade’s groovy music!

On a serious note, I have to say a word about the nature of this community. One of the regular performers in the BCP shows (although she was not scheduled to be in this one) had a terrible accident a week ago. She fell down the stairs in her home and suffered a major head injury, requiring a seven-hour brain surgery to remove a large blood clot. She remains in a medically induced coma at this time, and will no doubt have a long and uncertain recovery.

In addition to taking up a collection to contribute to her medical expenses at the two remaining shows this Friday and Saturday, it was decided to add a special performance on Sunday, with all proceeds going toward her care. I’m sure it will be an overflow crowd, as she is a lovely and vibrant person, as well as a talented singer. The performance will also be live-streamed to the adjoining sports bar to accommodate those who aren’t able to fit into the theater itself.

The residents of Boquete have a culture of volunteerism and helping those in need, and it’s heartwarming to see everyone rallying to help in this situation. A GoFundMe page has been established for donations toward Nicole’s medical expenses. And if you’re a spiritual person, please hold Nicole up in your thoughts and prayers for her complete recovery from this devastating event. Thank you!

Nicole. An appropriate photo for the ’60s theme, with this Beatles quote.
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  • Peter Baxter Feb 1, 2020 Link Reply

    “Little Help From My Friends” is GREAT! What a show!

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