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I’m on my way home to Boquete, and will be so glad to get there! Right now, I’m in Miami and have a little time before boarding my flight to Panama City, so I’ll post an update.

My route was a little circuitous – OKC to Dallas on a 7 a.m. flight, then on to Charlotte and Miami, finally ending up in Panama City at 9:25 tonight. I got a surprise in Charlotte – there was a fair amount of snow on the ground. I didn’t expect that! The temperature was just below freezing, so it was slushy and not frozen hard. The snow actually helped, because the connection from Charlotte to Miami was really tight, and the snow caused a 15 minute delay.

Clouds over Miami skyline.

The clouds were gorgeous as we approached Miami – they looked like icebergs. The weather was in the low 80s, much warmer than Charlotte!

Brass inlay on white floor
Inlays on black floor

I’ll say one thing for Miami, their airport has the most beautiful floors! They’ve inlaid brass images of seashells in the floor, both on white and black backgrounds. One section looks like a hurricane on the black floor, composed of chips that looked like mother-of-pearl.

Time to check in at the gate – after I arrive in Panama City, I still have a long bus trip. I should arrive in Boquete on Monday morning, tired but happy!

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  • Shirley Dec 10, 2018 Link Reply

    Myra, I’m so sorry we had to reschedule our guild Christmas party a week later. I had been looking forward to hearing firsthand about your new life in Panama. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog posts, though.

    • Myra Dec 10, 2018 Link Reply

      Yes, I really wanted to see you guys. Another time, for sure!

  • William Eudy (email ) Dec 10, 2018 Link Reply

    We enjoyed having you over Thanksgiving.

    • Myra Dec 10, 2018 Link Reply

      Thanks, Bill. You and Phyllis were awesome hosts!

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