Comfy in Quarantine

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Since we’re still under lockdown here in Panama, there hasn’t been a whole lot of interest to write about. As of today, there are 9449 cases of the virus in Panama, with 269 deaths. We seem to be holding our own in controlling the spread of the virus – at least it doesn’t seem to be running rampant, which is a good thing.

I’m doing great – my house is comfortable, the neighbors are neighborly, and I have a friend who brings me groceries. About the only time I leave the house is to pick up the veggies I order online – I don’t even have to get out of the car. I go to the centrally located place where the vendor is, they ask my name and go get my bag of veggies. I give them the money, they put the veggies in my car, and I’m on my way in about a minute.

As long as I have electricity and internet, my life goes on pretty much as usual. The internet was out for the entire day on Wednesday, but that was very unusual. I think someone accidentally cut a major line, and it was out in the entire area. Since I couldn’t work or watch TV that day, instead I read a book and played games on my tablet to pass the time. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and have patience!

The biggest change here is that they lifted the “dry law” this week (at least for the time being). People have been complaining loud and long on Facebook about the inability to buy liquor and wine, which has been the rule since mid-March. So I’m hoping things will settle down, now that people can get their drink on. But if people can’t manage to act responsibly, they can reimpose the dry law at any time, and then it’ll be back to whining as usual.

They are also beginning to open up the economy as of this week, in cautious stages. A few types of businesses are now allowed to be open, and additional sections of the economy will follow, unless they see a spike in infections. Then I suppose they will review and revise, if necessary. No airline travel from Panama (except a handful of humanitarian flights) will be allowed until at least June 22, and there is no word as to when flights will be allowed to arrive in Panama. So the people who are here and want to leave, or those in the US and other places around the globe who want to get back to their homes in Panama, will have to wait awhile longer.

Although outside activities have been put on hold, I did get to see some of my “clay buddies” recently, because we had a virtual mini-retreat (since the real one was cancelled) and a polymer clay guild meeting via Zoom. It was a lot of fun to see people I hadn’t seen for two years now (wow – has it really been that long???). Looks like we’ll have our next meeting online also.

People are still making great virus song parodies. This is one of my new favorites – this family is very talented, and have quite a few great videos.

I hope everyone is staying safe and hanging in there! This will be over at some point, although we may very well have a “new normal” when it passes. But whatever happens, life will go on and it will be OK!

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  • Linette May 17, 2020 Link Reply

    The song is really funny. Sure like the back ground music!😀

  • Terri May 17, 2020 Link Reply

    Awe, that’s so nice you have such a great friend that grocery shops for you. 😄

    • Myra May 17, 2020 Link Reply

      Yes it is, and I’m very appreciative of her for doing that, as well as appreciating her friendship in general!

  • Lee Ann Kelley May 18, 2020 Link Reply

    Good “seeing” you on the 9th. Enjoyed the song.

  • Bill Eudy May 24, 2020 Link Reply

    This quarantine existence is getting to me. Thank you for injecting a little light. Today I am going to try to take my first baby steps toward breaking out of the meaningless malaise in which I find myself.

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