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Did I mention that there are all sorts of things going on in Boquete? One of those things is the Full Moon Drum Circle that takes place at one of the restaurants downtown. I went to the drum circle tonight with my friend Tim, just to observe and see what’s what.

When I was in Los Angeles some years ago, a friend and I were strolling along the boardwalk at Venice Beach around sunset, when we heard some drumming off in the distance. We saw a bonfire on the beach, and that’s where the sound was coming from, so we went to investigate. It was a drum circle, and was so cool – even more so, because it was a surprise to discover it.

Ever since then, I’ve thought I’d like to attend another one, and was delighted when I heard about the one in Boquete. Being a little shy, I didn’t want to go alone, so going with Tim was perfect (he’s a little shy in new situations, too, so that worked out for both of us).

Anyone can join in the drum circle, and they have some spare drums, tambourines, maracas, and other percussion instruments to loan to those who don’t have their own. One lady even brought a big metal skillet and beat on it with a drumstick! Another lady played a washboard. Anything goes here, and I just might join in down the road.

A few of the drummers are really good – the two people closest to the camera in the video below were fabulous! The drums were mesmerizing. Here’s a little taste of what went on for two hours:

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