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My friend Terri and I took a little field trip the other day to the Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary located near Palmira, which is about 15 minutes southwest of Boquete. The owner, Judy Odom, has lived in Panama for about 15 years, and has a beautiful property devoted to the life-long care of about 80 older, abandoned, or un-adoptable cats, who roam free in a large yard that’s securely fenced and has a number of trees for the cats to climb and other plants and shrubs for them to explore.

Judy and a few of her cats. Note the open-air A-frame shelter behind her, so the cats can get out of the rain.
Terri and her visitors.
A lap full of furry friends.

Judy likes for people to visit, because it’s an opportunity for the cats to become more socialized and accustomed to people. Like any animal, each has their own personality – some are shy, some are cuddly, some are aloof, and some are a**holes (Judy’s words, not mine!). 

The indoor section of the shelter has many buckets for the cats to curl up in and sleep. Oddly, this arrangement reminds me of the chicken coop we had when I was growing up, where each hen had her own nest! Can you find the 11 cats in the picture below?

Comfy kitty beds.

Los Mininos is just one of the animal sanctuaries and rescue services in Boquete. There are others in town that specialize in rescuing and rehoming cats and dogs, as well as providing dog training. A monthly spay and neuter clinic regularly services close to 150 dogs and cats each time at a very reasonable cost ($8 for cats and $15 for dogs), with several vets volunteering their time for the event. They were shut down for several months during the quarantine, but are ramping back up now with a limited volume of about 30 pets. Many people in Boquete volunteer at the clinics. Both a love for pets and volunteerism are alive and well in Boquete!

Here is a video of Judy explaining who she is and showcasing her lovely property and her mission. These cats are so well taken care of! The first minute or so of the video shows the countryside on the way to her property (which is serene and beautiful in itself), and the orange tabby she’s petting at the beginning of the interview reminds me so much of my sweet cat, Moose, who I re-homed when I moved to Panama.

If you feel inclined to donate and support her efforts, here is a link to the donation page of her website.

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  • Lee Ann Kelley Oct 5, 2020 Link Reply

    Good for her! Time to adopt a new family member?

    • Myra Oct 5, 2020 Link Reply

      No, I’m not wanting a pet at this time. My friends and neighbors have pets, and that’s enough for now.

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