Happy 2020!

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New Year’s Eve began for me with dinner at Terri and Brad’s house with another couple (Lucy and Jimmy), another friend (Rusty), and myself. Terri made lasagna, salad, broccoli, and a delicious lemon dessert.

The two couples at our New Year’s Eve dinner – Terri, Brad, Jimmy and Lucy
The girls – Rusty, Lucy, Terri and me

After letting dinner settle for a bit, we all went downtown to Big Daddy’s restaurant (a popular expat hangout), where they had dancing and a DJ playing some party music. At a little after 9 p.m., we toasted the new year with a glass of champagne – because most of the people there were older, and probably wouldn’t be able to stay awake until midnight. LOL!

Since it was a bit crowded, during the course of the evening three younger folks (a married couple and another guy) asked if they could sit at our table. Of course, we welcomed them, and soon found out they were from Germany. Terri and Brad were stationed in Germany for three years, and one of the guys was from the town where Terri often shopped. So she had a nice conversation with him. Coincidence that people who lived near each other in Germany would meet in Panama? I don’t know….

While at Big Daddy’s, my neighbor let us know that there was a live band at the Boquete Brewing Co. down the street, and they would have fireworks at midnight. So we moved over there about 10:30, and met up with our new German friends there, also. The band was excellent and kept the energy pumping until the fireworks started.

Fireworks at midnight directly above us, as well as all around. Welcome, 2020!!! (Terri took this video, and there’s a glimpse of me at the 20-second mark. Thanks, Terri!)

New Year’s Eve was as much fun as Christmas, and if its beginning is any indication of what’s in store for the coming year, 2020 will be a good one!

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  • Linette Jan 7, 2020 Link Reply

    Happy 2020 to you as well!!!! Looks like you all had a blast! Lol! I drank my favorite wine and listen to some old school! 😀

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