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Housesitting is kind of a big thing around here, since many residents of Boquete travel quite a bit, either back to their previous locales to visit relatives, or for vacations to some exotic place. Some people make their living housesitting for others – they schedule one gig after another, sometimes in different countries, and don’t have a permanent home of their own. Pretty sweet way to make a living and see the world at the same time, I’d say!

I am fortunate enough to house-sit and pet-sit for some friends while they take a few days off for whale-watching in Boca Chica, a couple of hours away from Boquete. The condo I’m watching for them is in an upscale, gated community and is quite lovely, and very comfortable.

The living room.
The well-equipped kitchen. The owner is a fantastic cook!
The patio. All the doors and windows in the condo have perforated metal security screens, so they can be left open. Security, without bugs!

The back yard is fabulous, also – beautiful shrubs and flowers, many seating areas, a fire pit, lots of hummingbirds, and a view of the canyon just beyond the back fence that’s to die for!

The beautifully landscaped back yard – a tropical paradise!
The canyon, just beyond the back fence. It’s fascinating to watch the clouds roll up the canyon in the afternoons.

I’m also taking care of their three dogs, who are very well-behaved and totally pampered!

The dogs. From left to right, they are Max, Chloe, and Jolene. That’s the fire pit behind them.

This is my first time housesitting, but probably won’t be the last. I’m enjoying the change of scenery and the company of my canine friends. Then it will be back to my own home and a more regular routine.

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  • Linette Sep 19, 2019 Link Reply

    That’s nice! Lovely! The scenery is so beautiful!!

  • Janet Justus Sep 20, 2019 Link Reply

    This looks beautiful! I bet you are enjoying it! Love the dogs. Very cute. Miss you and hope your jewelry business is taking off.

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