Independence Day in Boquete

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Since there are so many expats in Boquete (a good number of which are from the US), several places around town had 4th of July celebrations. We went to the one at the skating rink, where they served traditional cookout fare – hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, etc. – and had fireworks afterward.

They had a good turnout for the cookout – the parking lot was full. We got there kind of late because we had eaten a late lunch and weren’t hungry, and were more interested in seeing the fireworks. So we socialized for a bit with some friends we met recently, and then went outside for the fireworks show. 

It was really windy that evening, and they had a little trouble getting the fuses lit. I think they finally resorted to applying a lit cigarette to them. It also was more than a bit dangerous, from the looks of it. These were definitely NOT professionals!

The firestarters

Quite a few people stuck around for the fireworks, which were detonated in the vacant lot next to the skating rink.


The fireworks were pretty good – much better than any I’ve ever seen at an individual’s house (non-commercial display). They lasted about 15 minutes, including the difficulty in lighting the fuses. Very satisfying!

Happy birthday, America, from Panama!

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  • Bill Eudy Jul 7, 2019 Link Reply

    Happy Fourth! It’s been a long weekend.

  • Tina Hayden Jul 9, 2019 Link Reply

    Cute little piece of your US tradition!

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