Lunch with the Chicas

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On Friday, my friend Chris invited me to join the Chicas for their monthly luncheon. This is a group of single women in Boquete who get together on a regular basis to socialize and support one another. There were about 30 ladies at this luncheon, and this month’s meeting was held at the Seasons restaurant at the Lucero Golf & Country Club, which is about a 20 minute drive from Boquete, up near the top of a mountain. The views are spectacular, and lunch was great, too!

View across from the restaurant, with the rain moving in

The infinity pool overlooking the lush landscape

Flowers and palm trees at the entrance to the restaurant

Not being a naturally gregarious and hugely social person, I’m making a conscious effort to get involved in a few social groups, so I can meet new people and feel more at home in my new surroundings. I’m making some new friends, and there’s a warm and inviting vibe in Boquete, which makes it easy to feel like “home” here.

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  • Carmon Oct 29, 2018 Link Reply

    You have picked a beautiful place to live. And it looks so restful and
    relaxing. Wish things could feel so restful and relaxing here. I am so
    proud of you for having the courage to just pick up and take off for new

  • Penni Jo Nov 4, 2018 Link Reply

    Oooo, what a most wonderful place to live. You are so blessed to be making new friends in this lovely land.
    Hugs and miss you.

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