Meeting the Neighbors


The other day, I met the neighbor who’s staying in the apartment next to mine. He’s from Colorado, and exploring his newly-divorced life with some ladies he met here. Yesterday, he was supposed to help me pick up the packages I had shipped, but I found a note he slipped under my door, saying he was off on new adventures and didn’t know what time he’d be back. Whatever…..

On a more positive note, I ran into another of my neighbors from down the hall. He (Jeff), a friend of his (Brent), and Brent’s wife (Mitzi) invited me in to have a beer. I ended up having a great conversation with Brent, while the other two attempted to set up Jeff’s new computer (while having had a few too many beers).

Brent and Mitzi actually lived in the apartment I’m in for eight months. It turns out Brent is a software engineer and has a business based in Texas, with operations in Brazil. So we had some (sort of) similar technology-based commonalities. He was very nice, and I think I made a new friend. His wife is a certified translator and interpreter, and they were celebrating the completion of a big project of hers.

After midnight, a big storm came through, with high winds and torrential rainfall. I’m glad it happened at night, after I was in for the evening! After all, it is the rainy season, so rain was expected – but that storm was indeed impressive!

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  • William Eudy Aug 23, 2018 Link Reply

    I heard on NPR that a typhoon is approaching Hawaii. It may be part of that same system.

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