Orchid Extravaganza

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Just a few days after the chocolate luncheon described in my previous post, I went with three friends down the same road to Volcán and beyond, to Finca Dracula (dracula refers to a type of orchid). This is a botanical garden high up in the mountains north of Volcán that specializes in all manner of orchids, along with other plants. I had been wanting to go there for quite awhile, so when the opportunity came, I immediately said yes!

We ate breakfast before exploring the lush grounds. Three of us had huevos rancheros (eggs on top of toasted tortillas, covered with spicy salsa), and the other person had French toast with fruit. I think she made the best choice!

French toast at Finca Dracula, topped with bananas, apples, strawberries, and blackberries. Yum!!!

Finca Dracula is arranged into several areas, including the Garden of Light, Fern Garden, Buddha Garden, Japanese Garden, Succulent Garden, and others. Click here to see a map of the property.

The orchids were in full bloom, and were so interesting with their different colors and shapes. Some even had little “faces”!

Multi-color orchids – one of my favorites.

Dainty white orchids with tiny spots.

I love this little guy! His hair sticks straight up, he has a goofy expression, and even has a little handlebar mustache!

Here is a gallery of more photos from our trip. Click on an image for a larger view.




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  • Lee Ann Kelley Sep 5, 2022 Link Reply


    I didn’t know there were so many different orchids. Wonderful!!

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