Permanent Visa

Panama City

Last week, I went to Panama City to pick up my permanent resident visa. That’s one more item checked off the list! There are still a couple more steps to accomplish in the coming months, but this was a major one.

While in Panama City, I did something I hadn’t done when I was there in August – I rode on the Metro. This is a modern, efficient subway system that will experience a major expansion in the first part of next year. Then, you can go from the bus terminal on the west side of town to the international airport on the east side. The fare is really inexpensive – I rode about half the distance of the existing line, and the fare was only 35 cents. Now, to take a taxi from the bus station to the airport would be about $40!

I’m getting ready to get on the express bus tonight and fly to OKC tomorrow, for about three weeks. Stay tuned…..

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  • Shirley Nov 16, 2018 Link Reply

    Hoping we see you Dec. 8th for COPCG Christmas Potluck! It will be good to hear your impressions first-hand.

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