Sightseeing in Cocoa


Since I had never been to south Florida, Tim took me sightseeing around town. Our first stop was at the Ron Jon Surf Shop, which has all types of surf-related apparel and equipment. Apparently, it’s world-famous, although I had never heard of it – but then, I’m not a surfer!

Famous Ron Jon surf shop

We had lunch at the Fishlips restaurant, located at Port Canaveral. It’s situated on the water near where big cruise ships dock to load their passengers. We had lunch on the upstairs waterfront deck, with a refreshing breeze and a great view. The only downside was that seagulls occasionally divebombed diners, attempting to snatch a snack from their plates. Fortunately, we were further back from the edge of the deck, so we weren’t molested by the birds.

Cruise ships docked in the harbor

After lunch, we drove down the road that parallels the beach, and stopped at a park with a public beach. We strolled down the boardwalk toward the beach and took in the view of the ocean with tranquil waves and a nice sea breeze. The beach wasn’t overly crowded, but some people were enjoying the sand and surf, with their beach chairs and umbrellas.

The Atlantic ocean – next landfall to the east is Europe

All in all, it was a pleasant afternoon of sightseeing. The weather was sunny and pleasant, and it was interesting to see all the condos and commercial developments in this tourist-heavy location.

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  • Linette Jan 28, 2019 Link Reply

    How exciting and fun! Sure would like to have some of that Sunny Weather☺

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