Surprise Party

Friends, Polymer clay

My polymer clay friends of the Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild

My polymer clay friends surprised me at our monthly meeting on July 14 with snacks and a “this is your polymer clay life” speech, saying how much I had helped the guild over the years. Aw, shucks – I just did my part, like so many others! The party was unexpected, and very sweet of them to do that. Emotions ran high that day, and I’ll miss them!

They also gave me a nice card, signed with well-wishes from everyone. I didn’t dare even look at it until I got home, because I’d be bawling like a baby if I read it there.

I’ll be back to see them again when we have our annual Christmas party at the December meeting. I’ll be back for about three weeks just before Thanksgiving, and will leave early the next morning after the party.

With our “queen mother” and co-founder of the guild, Penni Jo

With Penni Jo’s faithful sidekick and charter guild member, Jane

With Carmon (left) and Laura, who took polymer clay classes from me before joining the guild

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  • William Eudy Jul 25, 2018 Link Reply

    Great friends. I know they’ll miss you. We’re still in denial, I think. It doesn’t actually feel real. Even though it’s exciting it’s hard for me to think about.

    • Myra Jul 25, 2018 Link Reply

      Even though I’ll be some distance away geographically, you won’t be far from my heart. We’ve been best friends for half our lives, and I doubt seriously if a few miles will change that!

  • Linette Jul 31, 2018 Link Reply

    How thoughtful! It is so nice to be appreciated! So glad and excited for you!!!!

  • Betty Aug 16, 2018 Link Reply

    I really hate that I had to miss the party! I wish you all the best, Myra, and look forward to seeing you in December.

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