I had a really beautiful salad the other day at Malu Cafe & Bakery, right around the corner from my apartment. It had so many different ingredients in it – spinach, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onions, mozzarella cheese, strawberries, caramelized walnuts, and chicken. A richly flavored balsamic dressing was drizzled on top, and it was beautifully presented. Yummy, too!

Lovely salad at Malu Cafe & Bakery

They also had quite a variety of baked goods available – carrot, zucchini, and strawberry/cream cheese loaf cakes, as well as big chocolate chip cookies and loaves of bread. I had to bring a strawberry & cream cheese cake home with me for later. It was very moist and delicious.

I needed to go shopping yesterday, so off I went to the public market for some produce. I got a pineapple, four tomatoes, two big green peppers, and two cucumbers for $5.

Fresh veggies

On Facebook, when someone asks how much per month food costs in Panama, I’ve seen people respond that they spend $300-$400 a month. I have no idea if they’re eating out three times a day at upscale restaurants or what, but I’ve been in Boquete for more than 10 days now, and I doubt that I’ve spent more than $35-$40 on food, including eating in restaurants at least four times. Shopping at the public market for fruits and veggies is cheaper, and no doubt fresher, than buying them in the supermarket across the street!

I think there’s going to be a guy selling oranges and lemons from his truck outside the Tuesday market this week. He advertises that he’s selling a bag of 20 organically grown oranges for $3. Definitely looking forward to getting some of those this week!

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  • doyle Aug 26, 2018 Link Reply

    sounds great

  • Barb Aug 27, 2018 Link Reply

    WOW! That salad is so attractive and healthy.
    Looks like it is easy to stay healthy in Panama with the fresh produce. I would still like the bakery delights too in moderation.

  • Linette Aug 27, 2018 Link Reply

    I agree w Barb! It looks absolutely delicious. In fact, it would be great to have right now😃

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