A Great Day for Soup

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Today at the BCP, there was a fundraiser for the Boquete Knitters & Quilters, who make items for the indigenous people here who have very little. They knit hats, blankets, and toys for the children, as well as baby quilts and other items.

The fundraiser was called “SoupFest”, and it was fabulous. For a donation of $10, people could sample any (or all) of the 18 or so wonderful and hearty soups made by the volunteers.

I had a variety of wonderful creations – African peanut soup, Thai chicken, chicken & wild rice, bourbon corn chowder. There was also butterbean soup, vegetable, carrot & ginger, gazpacho, and several other varieties.

A variety of breads were available to accompany the soups, and there was a boatload of cookies and other sweets, too.

Just one small area of the soup tables

And today was definitely a perfect day for soup – it’s been raining most of the time for the last couple of days, and it’s pretty cool outside. Hot, hearty soup and friendly people made for a great counterpoint to the weather outside.

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  • Christi Oct 6, 2018 Link Reply

    Those soups sound delicious!!!

  • Katherine Oct 6, 2018 Link Reply

    Yum! I love soup on a rainy day. Enjoy! 😄

  • Barbara Oct 25, 2018 Link Reply

    Wow! Fabulous gourmet soups…all sound so good!

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