Chocolate Delight


OMG! I just tasted some of the best dark chocolate ever! It’s from Chox, an artisan chocolate company here in Boquete. They use 100% Panamanian cocoa beans (from the Bocas del Toro region, just north of Boquete), and it’s organic. This chocolate bar has cashews in it (also locally grown and organic).

A young couple took over this business last spring from the original owner, who gave them all of her recipes and trade secrets, as well as spending at least a month with them to tutor them on the finer points of chocolate making. I think they’ve caught on, for sure!

Big bar of dark chocolate with cashews from Chox

Just another reason to love Panama! 🙂

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  • Barbara Oct 25, 2018 Link Reply

    Another great treat besides all the sweet fruits. Dark chocolate is healthy, too, in moderation.

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