Blues Night


Last Friday I joined other Panama Relocation Tour alumni for happy hour and dinner at Mike’s Global Grill, one of the local expat hangouts. The house was packed! The food was good, the company was congenial, and the music was great!

The tour alumni table at Mike’s. (someone else took this picture – see me up by the stage?)

The musicians were gettin’ down with the blues, and a good time was had by all! It was a very pleasant social and musical evening.

Andy Egert, lead guitar

The Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival, with many wonderful musicians, was held a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t attend (big crowds, hot, and kind of expensive tickets), but a tremendous amount of people from all over did. Maybe next year….

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  • Bill Eudy Mar 1, 2020 Link Reply

    If we come down for a visit should we take this tour or just go with you on a private tour?

    • Myra Mar 1, 2020 Link Reply

      If you’re even remotely considering a move to Panama at some point (either part-time or full-time), you’ll get tons of information (and assistance afterwards), as well as seeing much more of the country on the tour – much more info than I can give you. If you’re not considering moving, and are just coming for a vacation, the tour may not be worth it for you. I can tell you that it was worth every penny to me!

  • Peter Baxter Mar 3, 2020 Link Reply

    Pretty good band!

  • Linette Mar 3, 2020 Link Reply

    I was just thinking of you the last two days and wondered how you were doing! I do have my answer now! Looks like a lot of fun!!! Great hearing from you!!!!

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