Howling at the Moon


I go to a weekly event called a “drum circle” – which, as you might imagine, is a group of people who sit in a circle and make music with drums and other percussion instruments such as tambourines, gourd rattles, etc. One of the guys has assembled a set of plastic jugs and tin cans into sort of a drum set (quite effective!), and one lady even beats on a metal frying pan!

We meet on Wednesday evenings from 4 to 5, and on the Sunday evening nearest the full moon, we have dinner, then drum for a couple of hours afterwards. Often, we can’t actually see the moon because of cloud cover, but last night it was in full view, and it was spectacular!

Full moon through the trees at drum circle.

Drum circle is always fun, but when we caught a glimpse of the moon, we all had to howl in solidarity with the sight! Here’s a taste of what goes on…

This also is the fourth anniversary of the drumming group, so it was celebrated with a huge cake!

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  • Janet Newburg Nov 30, 2020 Link Reply

    I saw my brother-in-law Daniel Angelus in the drum circle video!

    • Myra Dec 1, 2020 Link Reply

      Daniel is a really great drummer!

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