Golden… and Delicious!


No, I’m not talking apples here – well, kind of, I guess….


I bought this big, golden, fully-ripe pineapple from a pickup truck piled high with them. The smell was wonderful! The smaller ones were $1, and this one was $1.25. Almost all of them were as perfectly ripe as this one. You never see completely golden-ripe ones in the US. The guys from the truck twisted off the top, so I could put it in my backpack. It must weigh about two pounds!

There are no sharp knives provided in my apartment. Fortunately, last night I bought one and put it to good use this evening. This pineapple was super sweet and juicy – the only others I’ve had that come close are the ones I had in Ghana, and this was easily twice as big (or more) as the Ghanaian ones.

…and after.

I’m not an expert at carving up a pineapple, but fortunately, I remembered that a lady whose blog I follow (she lives in David) posted a video awhile back, showing how to do it. I followed her directions, and it wasn’t hard at all.

I also bought a couple of large avocados (about the size of a baseball) for $1.50, and an onion. Planning to make guacamole in a few days, when they get ripe.

The power was out when I got up this morning, but it came back on in about half an hour. It happens – this is Panama!

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  • Linette Aug 20, 2018 Link Reply

    Pineapples are my favorite fruit! That looks delightfully delicious! Please send me the directions on how to cut a pineapple. I have found quite a few but I want to savory all the sweet taste in it that I can.

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