Food, Two Ways


Breakfast at Sugar & Spice

I had a hearty breakfast this morning at Sugar & Spice. They have so many wonderful muffins, cookies, and cakes, but I had their breakfast combo today – scrambled eggs with green peppers, onions and cheese, hashbrowns, two slices of toast, and coffee for $6. The hashbrowns (little flat disks like tater tots) are on the bottom of the bowl, with the eggs on top. So good!

I also invited a couple of guys to sit at the table adjoining mine, since the other tables hadn’t been cleaned yet. They live in David and have a business making security doors and windows. Most of the houses around here have decorative ironwork security bars on the doors and windows. They have a space at the Tuesday market, so I’m sure I’ll see them again.

Three tomatoes, $.70. Two big green peppers, $1. Two ears of corn, $.60.

After breakfast, I went to the fruit & vegetable market downtown. At this market, across the street from the supermarket, fruits and vegetables are MUCH cheaper, and look really fresh. All of the above cost me $2.30.

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  • William Eudy Aug 18, 2018 Link Reply

    Those are nice looking vegetables and the breakfast too. Did you get everything set up for your social security?

    • Myra Aug 18, 2018 Link Reply

      Yes. I got my first Social Security check right on schedule.

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