I’m not one who routinely takes photos of their meals, but I had to make an exception this time. About a block from my hotel is a little café called La Luncheria. I had their special lunch after getting back from Immigration yesterday – a choice of meat and three sides. I had chicken curry, black beans, potato salad, and white rice. It was delicious, and more than I could eat. The cost was $6 – a bargain!

Tasty lunch!

And a couple of doors down from the café was a bakery. I brought back a HUGE apple strudel with raisins and cinnamon for later. It was almost too big to fit in the take-away box, and it was $1.50.

Apple strudel for dessert

I’ll have several days to go sightseeing, before I get my driver’s license taken care of on Monday afternoon. Stay tuned……

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  • Jon Aug 9, 2018 Link Reply

    Glad things are going smooth for you so far. Your making me a little jealous LOL. I love curried chicken of any kind!

  • Penni Jo Aug 9, 2018 Link Reply

    Oh, how I envy you! So many adventures ahead. Blessings always dear friend.
    Penni Jo

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