Uber and the Biomuseo

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Since I’m finished with my residency requirements and don’t deal with getting my driver’s license authentication until Monday, I have several days to do some sightseeing and relaxing with no set schedule.

Today I took my very first Uber ride and headed out to the new Biomuseo (biodiversity museum) a few miles down the coast in Panama City. I had never used Uber before, and was pleasantly surprised how easy, cost-effective, and efficient it was. I had heard that you could request an English-speaking Uber driver, but didn’t see anywhere on the app where I could select that, so I just went for it.

The first driver who took me from the hotel to the Biomuseo was an older man, and he didn’t speak English at all. But I got on my Google Translate app and could converse with him a bit. However, the ride was a little bumpy and I had a hard time typing the correct words unless we were at a stop light. I managed, though, and he was very nice.

The young man who was my Uber driver on the way back was just as nice, and he spoke a bit of English. One of the first questions he asked me was if I liked Trump. I told him I wasn’t interested in politics, and didn’t trust any of them. 🙂

Biomuseo building

The museum is very new, and I think half of the exhibits are still being installed, but the parts that were open are very impressive – modern, interactive, and artistic presentations. The focus of the museum is the geological and cultural history of Panama and the preservation of the plant and animal life it harbors.

All in all, a pleasant, low-stress day….

Introductory poster

Biodiversity display

Animals of the region, past and present

More animals

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