Moving Day

Living spaces

I decided to move a little early into the larger, two bedroom apartment that I rented, since it was available. I was feeling kind of cramped, and wanted to actually unpack and begin to set up my clay work area, so I can start making things to sell at the Tuesday market.

So today I moved all my things out of the small apartment, with the help of the new friend (Tim) that I met last night. He did the heavy lifting of the boxes I had shipped, which was VERY helpful. In appreciation, I bought his lunch and we had a nice chat.

This apartment is about a mile outside of Boquete proper, just a few minutes by car to downtown. The main road into Boquete is right in front of my apartment, so there is traffic noise when I have the windows open. I heard traffic from I-44 from my house in OKC, so it’s not an issue.

Here are photos of the new place, from their ad:

Living room – the wall art lights up, and I like the funky couch

Kitchen & dining area

Corner bedroom – two sets of windows and a double bed

Second bedroom – guest room!

Bath – I would prefer a shower instead of a tub, but it’ll do

The apartments are above a retail shopping strip. There’s a restaurant, bakery, hardware store, and a well-stocked grocery store right downstairs. Very convenient, if I don’t feel like going into town.

Grocery store – very convenient!

In the photo below, I’ve highlighted my apartment and the entry door. I’m at the end of the hall. There’s a laundry at the top of the stairs for the use of the tenants, at no cost. Another nice perk!

My apartment, directly above the restaurant

I still need to wash the sheets and towels at the other apartment, to leave it like I found it. I haven’t told the landlord there that I’m gone yet, since I have that place rented until September 15. That will be a task for tomorrow.

I’ve set up my computer at the new apartment already, but need to find an 8-foot folding table to use as my clay work area. One step at a time! At least here I feel like I can unpack and stop living out of suitcases, like I did at the little apartment.

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  • Richard Rice Sep 2, 2018 Link Reply

    Very nice.

  • Linette Sep 2, 2018 Link Reply

    Looks just right for you!

  • William Eudy (email ) Sep 2, 2018 Link Reply

    Really nice!

  • Sara Klehn-Harvey Sep 3, 2018 Link Reply

    It’s beautiful! I love the grocery being right downstairs.

  • Barb Sep 6, 2018 Link Reply

    Cool digs! It looks like there is a showerhead. Isn’t it hooked up? It is at a practical location all right.

    • Myra Sep 9, 2018 Link Reply

      Actually, these photos are from their website ad, and the bathroom photos are from a different apartment. My vanity top is a light color, and my shower head is just a little different. Yes, it’s hooked up – it’s just more of a rainfall shower head.

  • Tina Hayden Sep 16, 2018 Link Reply


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