First Time Grocery Shopping

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I had breakfast with Chris this morning – omelette and hash browns (country-style, with cut-up potatoes and small pieces of bacon), along with coffee. Good food and good conversation – a great way to start the day!

After breakfast, Chris dropped me off at the Super Barú grocery store. And walking in at the same time was Frank, one of the guys we had lunch with yesterday! He showed me where some things were in the store and gave me some shopping tips. The store had a deli counter, a fresh meat department, and was laid out pretty much like any other grocery store in the US.

After just having breakfast, I couldn’t decide on what to get that would be easy to cook, so I just ended up with some macaroni, cereal, milk, sugar, and butter. I was going to have some pasta for dinner tonight, but that didn’t work out. The stove is gas, and there were two of the long-nosed lighters in the apartment, to be used to start the burner. However, neither of them worked, so cooking anything was out for tonight. I’ll put that on my to-do list for tomorrow. So I had cereal instead.

The absolute best news of the day is that my iMac didn’t suffer any damage from being flung across the luggage bay in the bus the other night. I hadn’t planned to unpack it until I got to the bigger apartment, but I just had to know how it fared on the trip. Right now, I’m writing this while sitting on the sofa with the keyboard in my lap, and the computer is on the coffee table. The mouse is beside me on the sofa, with a book underneath it serving as a mouse pad. It’s not elegant, but it works!

My makeshift office. 🙂

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  • Betty Aug 16, 2018 Link Reply

    What an adventure! Glad you made it to Boquete and that your computer made it, too. I’ve been so super busy getting a house sold (we closed Monday) that I haven’t had time for much of anything, so I just finished catching up on your blog. I look forward to following your adventures!

    • Myra Aug 16, 2018 Link Reply

      Congratulations on selling your house! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. I need to do more shopping tomorrow!

  • Sara Klehn-Harvey Aug 16, 2018 Link Reply

    Myra, I am enjoying your blog!

  • Tina Hayden Aug 16, 2018 Link Reply

    Such a fabulous adventure. I’m enjoying the accounts of your days. The apartment is adorable.

  • William Eudy Aug 17, 2018 Link Reply

    Every day is a small victory.

  • Glen Cosper Aug 18, 2018 Link Reply

    Go for the pastries

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