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The holidays are finally over, and it’s a new year. Hooray for 2019! Hopefully it will be as interesting as last year.

A few things to catch up on here. First, there’s been a change in my life that was unexpected, and I haven’t mentioned it on here yet. But with the new year, I figured I’d go ahead and spill it.

I’ve mentioned my friend Tim a couple of times previously. I met him a couple of weeks after I arrived in Boquete, along with his friend Bill. We went to a few events around town (the Sunday movies, drum circle, and the Old Timey Radio Show), and enjoyed each other’s company. Well, a couple of months ago, we decided we’d like to be more than just hanging-out buddies, and have been dating since the first few days of November. This is the first relationship I’ve been in for about 10 years. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, and it’s kind of odd to be in one again, but it’s nice!

We had been apart for a little over a month – while I was in OKC, he returned to Orlando to start the process of moving permanently to Boquete. But I got a great Christmas gift when he booked a last-minute flight and returned to Boquete early on Christmas day to see me.

The Christmas parade started around 7 p.m. Christmas evening. We tried to go to it, but traffic was backed up and at a standstill going into town for about two miles, so we turned around and went back to my house. Maybe next year – there would have been no place to park, and lots of people. Not fun!

For New Year’s Eve, we met up with our friend Bill and went to the party at the BCP. It was OK, although very low-key – they had a nice buffet of hearty snacks and a DJ playing music for dancing. They showed the ball drop on TV at 10 p.m. (for all of us old folks – LOL!), and the party was essentially over at that point.

With Tim at the New Year’s party at the BCP

At midnight, the whole town exploded with fireworks for at least 15 solid minutes to ring in the actual new year. Pretty impressive!

Tim plans to return to Orlando soon, to finish consolidating his belongings and clearing out of the house he’s renting there. I may go with him for a few weeks to help in that process. We’ll see what the future holds – should be interesting!

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  • Linette Jan 7, 2019 Link Reply

    Beautiful! You two look happy and content! I wish you the best! How nice!!!!!

  • William Eudy Jan 7, 2019 Link Reply

    Happy New Year to you both!

  • Chris Crossland Jan 7, 2019 Link Reply

    This is delightful news, Myra! Isn’t it interesting how life keeps us a little off balance by introducing something we were not thinking about or anticipating….but are pleasantly surprised by…..just when we least expect it!!!! I’m so happy for you and am glad you had the courage to reach out and grab a completely new life in a new country. You are my hero-ine!

  • Richard Rice Jan 9, 2019 Link Reply

    You look so content in your new/retired environment. Jealous…

  • Janet Justus Jan 9, 2019 Link Reply

    I can’t believe he lives in the same town I left. I am glad he is moving down to Boquete. Keep smiling!

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